User X1110100 7/3/2018

Yesterday i saw Someone Named X1110100, She left right when i looked at her. and i Decided to look at her profile. She had two games "Alone" and "Tragedy" in the game Alone There was a crying girl with a book by her side with the Statue of X1110100 Behind her. and then i started walking around abit, and i got teleported to the game "Tragedy" It was the same as before but the girl was dead, with a gun on top on top of her book, then X1110100 joined the game, I Was already scared becuase it was about 2am But i Decided to say "Hi!" She Didn't respond and then lefted the game. And she had two friends "2Patty" and "Vannings" No Evidence of Myths about them,    

Alone :    

Tragedy :    

Profile :!/about