RM File #0021 - "WilsonGrey" Edit

Supervisor killer clown

C-Block "Containment Level"

DATE EDITED 04/03/2017




Subject Name: WilsonGrey

RM Classification: C "Dangerous"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0021

Last Recorded Incident: ██/██/2014

Description Edit

WilsonGrey appears to be a humanoid entity wearing a Red Plaid Cap and a brown jacket. However, WilsonGrey is no longer an active myth. His last sightings before going inactive is on 8/6/2014. It is said that the owner of WilsonGrey's account once lived in a small town called ███████████, Arizona or as he refers to as "Buffalo Lake".

Outside Incidents Edit

[#1] [██/██/2012]

The first report came in when a player contacted one of the myth hunters about WilsonGrey. WilsonGrey at first was described to be hostile to other players, threatening other players by "hacking" into their accounts, and overall having a unsettling behaviors. WilsonGrey was said that whenever he joins a server, bricks would turn dark brown, a wind sound effect audio can be heard, and every player with him would turn into a black humanoid entity.

[#2] [██/██/2014]

The second report came in when the myth hunters visits WilsonGrey's home somewhere around 2014. During a conversation with WilsonGrey, he spoke of his "family" and how he misses them so much, and that he is lonely so he needed "friends" to accompany him. It is said that if a player was selected by WilsonGrey, the player would be considered a worthy one and will disappear from ROBLOX and the real world without a trace. The worthy players would be added into his place "Welcome Home" where the corpses of the worthy ones will circle around WilsonGrey's completing some sort of ritual to take him back "home".

[#3] [██/██/2014]

The third report came in when a player asked one of the myth hunters to help him look for his friend. The player described that his friend visited WilsonGrey's home because his friend thought that he was one of the "worthy" ones that Wilson picked. An investigation later occurred at WilsonGrey's house, only to be found a pile of dead bodies located in the attic and a quote stating "ONLY THE WORTHY MAY RETURN" in a bloody hand writing.

Experiments & Containment Incidents Edit


Subject was placed inside of WilsonGrey's and was asked to greet WilsonGrey.


Approximately 20 minutes later, Doctor ██████ ordered the release of the subject, but the subject was no where in sight. Subject was later found in WilsonGrey's home, piled up with the rest of the bodies in the attic.


WilsonGrey breached containment during the Hgooba’s containment breached incident #1.


Doctor Nick and 3 security personnel are no where to be seen after containing WilsonGrey. Doctor Nick corpses was found laying in the bathtub, but the 3 security personnel is no where to be seen in WilsonGrey's house. WilsonGrey was swiftly contained after Hgooba’s containment breached.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

WilsonGrey is to be contained within a concrete cell, behind a Iron-made locked door. Higher personnel are only permitted into WilsonGrey's cell to conduct experiments, reports, etc. 2-4 Security personnel are to be presented when guarding WilsonGrey's cell, 2 guarding the iron-made locked door, and the 2 other security personnel's are to be guarding the entrance to WilsonGrey's containment cell.

Evidence Edit

Notes Edit

  • WilsonGrey can be extremely hostile, but sometimes remain calm when encountering other players
  • WilsonGrey oftens talk to himself about his "family"
  • WilsonGrey sometimes does rituals inside his containment cell
  • WilsonGrey is WilsonGrey (no fucking shit)


Written and researched by Goodlolfunnykiller.