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Subject Name: Ultharoth

RM Classification: Unknown

Containment Number: Unknown

Last Recorded Incident: 6/28/18

Description Edit

Ultharoth appears to be a fairly new humanoid entity who is said to be approximately 1000 - 3000 years old. At first glance, it is seen wearing nothing but a paper plate mask which is designed to look like a bunny. This paper plate mask is thought to be in its design to lure kids away. Ultharoth is still a fairly new thing around and not much is known about besides its figure and 1 reported incident.

Outside Incidents

[#1] [6/28/18]  The last report came in when a player named █████████ was lured away by Ultharoth while playing a common game. Ultharoth brought them to their place which was reported to be in black and white by the player. The player said that Ultharoth had forced them to go asleep. When the player was asleep Ultharoth had entered their "Dream" And Had Explained Some Things To Them Then Just Vanished. When The Player Awoke They Were In Another Black And White Place Seemingly A Giant Snow Globe. The Player Reported It But Could Not Remember Much.

Experiments and Containment Incidents Edit

None As This Thing Has Not Be Contained

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