Ulifers appearance

RM File #0007 - "Ulifer"Edit

CEO Kazdam Paratus

C-Block "Containment Level"



Subject Name: Ulifer

RM Classification: C "Dangerous"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0007

Last Recorded Incident "8/1/2015"


At first glance, Ulifer is a brown-cloaked man with a white face and ridiculously long nose. Underneath he is an apparent Child MoIester, Serial Killer, and Insane Asylum Escapee, at least this is what has been hinted at by his actions, and recorded interviews. He was investigated due to the rumor that younger players of Roblox disappeared after befriending Ulifer, and when asked about said player, he'd deny ever meeting them at all.

Outside IncidentsEdit

[#1][3/18/2011] The first report came from a player named ███████, he told hunters and quote, "this guy [link] keeps following me in game after I said to stop", sadly, hunters didn't really take it very seriously, it wasn't very solid after all. However, days later ███████'s account had disappeared and has never re-emerged since. This began to perk the interest of hunters.

[#2][6/13/2011] The second came from the friend of a player who told hunters that his friends account had disappeared, and had no idea where to look. After asking the age of the player, hunters knew to point fingers at Ulifer. This set forth a series of places made by Ulifer that he claims to be his many homes. Firstly being the one seen during this investigation, which was an old cellar in the middle of a plain. After entering the cellar, the player could see stains of blood and trash thrown everywhere, followed by the bodies of the two accounts that had disappeared before hand.

[#3][7/1/2012] The third was on the initiative of a hunter, who had noticed that the place of Ulifer had changed, upon inspection it was this time, an old abandoned schoolyard, with a worn down old school in front. The schoolyard was littered with trash and very desolate. When entering the school all you could see was a black room with a chair in the middle, followed by a pool of blood. With one more unidentified body.

[#4][8/1/2015] Much like the previous incident, this was discovered on a hunters initiative. ██████ was followed by Ulifer himself, who said nothing and left. Then when following Ulifer back, he found a third place, this time it appears to be a long dark hall with flickering lights and at the end of the hall there is a boarded up door with music playing behind it and the sound of a crying child. No bodies have been discovered here as of yet.

Experiments and Containment IncidentsEdit

[Ex#1] Subject was let into Ulifers containment chamber to see how Ulifer would react.

[Result] Subject spoke to Ulifer briefly, the subject then began screaming and pounding on the glass to be let out. Subject died, multiple stab wounds, and no clothing.

[Note] The Director is a sadistic a**hole, I have no sympathy for that moron whatsoever. Introducing children to this f**king monster? What the hell.... -  Dr. ██████







[In#1] Ulifer attacked his cell's cleanup crew, and the security who went in to detain him, kill all of them. Luckily, the door was sealed to prevent further harm.

HQ Containment ProcedureEdit

Ulifer is to be contained within a steel plated concrete cell, behind a triple-locked heavy door, accessible only through a high clearance access hatch. The room itself, however, is easily accessible by any RM Personnel for observation and testing purposes. At least 1-2 security personnel are required to be present before accessing Ulifer's cell.



  • Ulifer, when observed in game, often talks to himself.
  • Ulifer refers to some as his children.
  • The exact age of players Ulifer targets is unknown.
  • Ulifer is still an active myth.


Written and researched by Kazdam.

Reviewed and revised by Head Administrator Kazdam.


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