“Living The Dream”




Not much is known about [ERROR] but the app Hong’s that are knowen about him where found out by conner2008dude a friend of mine when he found that he had 201 Freinds [ERROR] Had hacked his way into his friends list

Personality Edit

TxIxYs Personality Is Unstable. When he gets angry His Face turns upside down and starts screaming Ciphers. He currentaly dislikes the RM Foundation. He keeps tight Watch Over The facility. Planning to destroy Kazdam. You should avoid him at all cost unless you have 5+ Myth Hunters with you.

Appearance Edit

TxIxY Has a red torso with black arms, legs, and head. But he is known for the face on his torso. He also can shape shift to take the form of the players worst fear. The face can also eat anybody who comes near it.

Outside Incidents/Experiments Edit

Ex 1. Test Subject Fed Human food to TxIxY

Ex. 1 Re. TxIxY Vomited A purple substance, Subject touched the substance, Turned into a purple humanoid. (Test Subject Never seen again)

Ex. 2. Test Subject Tried To Report TxIxYs Place

Ex. 2 Re. Subject Went Insane after seeing his worst fear. (Subject Locked Up)

Incident 1. Man Cursed Out TxIxY, The Mans House Burned down with him inside.

Incident 2. Woman Reported TxIxY for death threats, Lady was found pinned to the wall of her house with no head.