So the story about Acromolous started when i was maybe like 9 years old, i wanted to play scary games with my friend.

My friend was doing something else and i waited for him in a corner in a school of a game called: Guest 666.

So i was waiting and waiting while i was doing something else, and when i looked on my roblox screen it showed a roblox player that said: You can't hide.

So he wanted me to follow him into a room with candles and ritual stuff just for the game, and we just stood there.

He was called something like sellyoursoultome or something like that.

Now for the scary part was that i made a screenshot of it and he said: Don't make screenshots.

I was creeped out so much that i decided to just leave him alone, till he said: Acromolous is coming.

So then a player came online called: AcromolousWillCome, you can see proof if you search Acromolous in players.

I decided to ask him a question: Who are you?

He awnsered: Acromolous is coming, so i decided to just wait.

Meanwhile that happend my friend had to go and i was all alone, while Acromolous came online.

Then he said: Join Acromolous, and i said No, what is Acromolous even?

I supossed it was a group because this is where i began part of my myth hunting journey: i searched him up in the players list.

I was shocked and i decided to ask him alot more questions but he just said, Join Acromolous and make a sacrifice or something like that.

I decided to run and hide in the most hidden place in the game, but it feeled like he had wall hacks just like the soulbuyer guy said: You can't hide.

He left, and i said a couple of times: Acromolous come back.

And he came back 0-0

I wanted more reasons but he didn't respond and he left again.

I started saying it again: Acromolous come back, im waiting, but it didn't help.

So after that happend i started wondering and wondering, i started telling my friends about it and stuff.

Till the day came, i met a guy called: SomePizza00 and we started wondering again.

Then i decided, i wanna meet him again.

I found out how i could meet him back after 2 full years, this is how i learned my myth hunting skills too.

I contacted his brother and asked if i could talk to Acromolous, and he responded.

I had to give him a reason, but if worked out.

When i saw him again after 2 full years it felt so weird, and the stories I told SomePizza00 were real too.

And after all the stories i told him he saw Acromolous for the first time, and he was in shock like hell ;P

So i asked alot of questions and it turned out to be some weird old man who lives in a dark old house with no money left.

(Joke that wasn't the outcome xD)

He responded to my questions and when we finished that, i felt much better then before.

I told it too my friends, but most people didn't really believe it.

But it all went well and this is the story why i am a skilled myth hunter and why i started myth hunting.