An accurate sketch of the Group’s logo.


#File 0042

Classification: D

Last Seen: June 2014

Status: Unknown


The *_*_*_*_* Hacker Group was an unknown exploiting group that was believed to have been behind the June 2014 hackings of one particular game, Natural Disaster Survival, and a few other games. They also hacked Club Boates and put offensive images in each game they hacked with a colorful skybox.


I had once played on my old account that had joined the same year, Raymondb1212. I played on a random server of Natural Disaster Survival. All of a sudden, an exploiter teleported us to a baseplate that had their group logo on it. It had the appearance of rodent as their mascot. It also had German flag colors on it as their theme. I and the other players were questioning the group’s motives along with the exploiter. Then I left the game and went to investigate their group page. I saw a training center where they would most likely recruit new exploiters to their group. I also saw that they had a group owner, I wen’t to his page for details but it did not reveal much. They hacked other games and put the same image and skybox there. I never really saw the group after those hackings happened and did not know who was responsible nor do I know much about the group.