In late 2016 a user by the name of JackACEE was made. He was a normal user until mid 2018 when his account was deleted. About a month later an account with all the same saved data as JackACEE appeared by the name of 4537_0 and his group called 7893_0. It is thought that this was a hacker but nothing has been confirmed. 4537_0 wears a traditional mime outfit, with the headless head item. This item comes from a Halloween package called the Headless Horseman. JackACEE before this showed no signs of owning a lot of robux while the Headless Horseman package costs 31,000. The mime is the name people have given this player because of his appearance. 4537_0 has two games, "the woods", and "Council Of Myths". The woods is a dark forest area with a floating island that seems like it should not be there, along with the island there are multiple different red lights and genuinely unnerving models. To the end of the map there is a red button that says free admin. if this button is sat on it creates multiple hundred explosions destroying the entire map except the pink island. The council of myths is a baseplate with a mansion and a force field to the side of the mansion. the forcefiled can not be deactivated but it is mostly clear and you are able to see three figures inside. the mansion has not been opened due to locked doors with unknown codes. If you figure out the codes please comment. 4537_0 is normally spotted with another user that was created the same day as the mimes games. His name is Jack_Inescapable. This is a possible reference to JackACEE being deleted. This page will be updated when more is known on this user. 11/21/18, follow up investigation: We have not seen much activity from this user up until now. The mime has created a new game called "the maze". This game is a maze on a baseplate with multiple mimes watching down on where you spawn. Some of the mimes have names of actual users. These are possible friends or future/present victims of the mime. The maze has not been explored yet due to a locked laser gate. We will follow up when more information is known.