Written: 11/22/2017

Edited by SunsetOVERSNIPE 5/31/2018


Subject Name: The Black Room

RM Classification: C "Dangerous"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0008

Description Edit

The Black Room is depicted to be a pitch black room roughly 56692.913386 x 56692.913386 pixels X (15 x 15 meters, 49.2126 x 49.2126 feet) and was originated back in [N/A Date]. The Black Room myth began when the player's older brother decided to play a prank on him, telling him to stay in the black room that he built and to wait for him when he comes back to pick him up. About 2 hours later, the older brother returns to see the player is still waiting for him in the black room. The older brother told the player to wait a little longer and left him. The older brother then returns to the black room to tell the player that it is supper time, but the player was gone, what's left is the player's computer screen still displaying the black room and the player's avatar still speaking through chat.

Outside Incidents Edit

[#1] [N/A Date] Black room appeared on a ROBLOX game called [N/A Game Name]. Players who were in the server were teleported into the black room and encountered a white humanoid entity. Players who reported having a conversation with the white entity stated that it always repeats "Where are you guys?" and "I'm so lonely.".

Experiments and Containment Incidents Edit

[Ex#1] Subject was sent into the black room to encounter with the white figure.

[Result] Subject was later never seen again.

Evidence Edit

  • Several interviews with people who've encounter the black room
  • Several Black Room places made by people can be found

Notes Edit

  • White figure will not attack you
  • A possibility of no return once you entered the black room
  • The Black Room is currently not an active myth, but will be displayed in the containment area


Written and researched by Goodlolfunnykiller (Who, for some reason, did not give out the game name so we can't see if this is real or not)