Steven O'Neil was a street artist and zookeeper in Chicago, IL. During his childhood he was heavily physically and verbally abused by his father, Marcus O'Neil. Steven's mother abandoned him at 4 years old. He grew up watching Mr Rogers, BBC nature films, and listening to Rufus Wainwright on the radio and his mp3 player to drown out his father's constant screaming. He developed several mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and severe suicidal and murderous thoughts. Steven eventually got into Notre Dame University and developed a severe alchohol addiction. He got in a relationship with a girl that picked him up at a frat party, and was statutorily raped by her. He was passed out, so he didn't know about it until later on in his life. They accidently had a kid, which they named Olivia O'Neil. Steven's girlfriend was very bitter and dismissive of the child, and Steven started to worry she'd abandon him and his daughter like his mother did. He was still extremely struggling with his alcohol addiction and became verbally abusive and neglectful to his daughter. Steven loved his daughter more than anything in the world. After months of chaos, Steven's girlfriend moved out and called Child Protective Services. Steven's daughter was taken away from him and sent to live with her mother.

After long years of suffering and self harm and drug and alcohol abuse, Steven cut open his arteries and bled out on the floor of his empty lonely house. He woke up in a strange place and his body was only a black figure with glowing white features. He walked through endless corridors that never seemed to end. This went on for a couple of decades, but suddenly he was summoned into a fiery pit. Cultists summoned him for his heart. They surrounded him and sedated him. He eventually woke up in a blood-crusted bed of flowers, with his chest opened and his ribcage and organs intact. He did not feel a heartbeat anymore. His organs were just remains of his past life. He then walked to a run down shed, the last of his human blood draining from his body. He knew his old life was gone. He decided to name himself Forest, and took care of the various animals around the forest he was summoned into. He now continues to live his life in his makeshift home in the secluded forest. Forest is trying to tell his story and help others going through mental issues such as himself. He now wanders around endlessly with the only purpose to love.