Syst3m_Corrupti0n is a sort of myth on roblox. Being very new to the game only starting 3 months ago. she has gained quite a fanbase. She is a therapist on roblox. Rumor is that she's a hacker. Not many people have seen her exploit. But there is a video of her on a scripting game using grab knife. She has made many friends with other myths like Smile4meee, 0_808 and MisKelvin. She has made various games but have shut them down for no known reason. Could she be hiding something we dont know of? She doesn't seem to nice at first. But she is. I Have met her in roblox when i was suicidal. And she helped calm me down. Now i have made a full recovery.  So all i can say is she's really nice. And thats all the information i have obtained.