Smileoski is the last remnant of the cult family and smile. His backstory originates from the terminated account smile. He was so angry from the termination that he killed himself.(FALSE, HE DIED IN A TRAIN ACCIDENT). His two brothers also died in tragic ways, one being run over by a steam locomotive, one falling off a cliff. He refers to fake myths as "Garbage". He has also revealed he is German

Name: Smileoski

Status: Active (Rarely)


Dangerous Level: Medium, Must Be Monitored at all times.

Last incident: June 2018

Join date: 2016

First Incident:

In 2017, he is believed to have hacked a game, although this has not been proven, It goes as normal and he joins, the players call him names. He turns around revealing a horrifying face, the players' all leave and the server shuts down. The players are never seen again.

He creates a place.

His place is updated and has Swinburne's place. In a part of the map, we can find a house with a dead DavidCult in it. On the bottom is a picture of the 35th President: John F. Kennedy.



according to some Morse code linked to his account. He did not kill himself, he actually died in a train accident in 2011