• Hello, this is an alternate story about smile.

Here, a user called Smile has some dreams while sleeping in real life, we don't know his name, but we do know that his username was Smile..k

In his dreams, a little song kept playing around, it was:

"fat noob lalalalala"

"ur mom gay lalalalalalal" "idiot LOL, NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alalalalala" (also guys make sure to download this epic song on iTunes)

After the song was played, it would stop and an ugly noob appear from far away.

The day after his dream, 4 people commited outlet in bathtub, and diseased all proper functions for their body to work.

I'll leave a link for the game based on this.!/about

The song:

- Maybe they think we're noobs..

  • The story above is a real thing that happended.
  • ”Smile” is classified as “ Demon” level, so if you see him in game, do not approach until there’s more than 10 Myth Hunters and RM foundation’s Guards.
  • His link to the real game is lost, so the real information is [REDACTED] under the river.