RM File #0014 - "Smile" Edit

CEO Kazdam Paratus

C-Block "Containment Level"



Subject Name: Smile

RM Classification: D "Uncontainable"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0014

Last Recorded Incident ""

Description Edit

Legend has it a selected few players will receive a message from a user named "Smile" the message will simply read "I need you here" with a link to his place. If the user chooses to go to this place, upon entering they will see nothing but a Pitch black room, with a floating head with a face that has a carved out mouth, bleeding, with eyes paler than snow.

Outside Incidents Edit

[#1][6/12/2011] A player named █████ approached hunters complaining about a user named "Smile" who messaged him what was stated above. He being the first to get these messages from Smile, had no clue what it held for him. "When I saw him, my computer crashed, and when it finally rebooted, my wallpaper was a screenshot of me in the game with smile." Hunters told him to keep in contact.

[#2][6/15/2011] When a hunter by the name of ████████ tried contacting the user he had spoke to about smile earlier that week, he realized that his account had vanished. Thinking it was a ban he thought nothing of it. Until the user's friend approached him, the friend stated that █████ had killed himself the day before and had been having night terrors involving a smiling figure in the days before that.

[#3][7/15/2012] Hunters ███████ and ██████████ received a similar message to the old smile myth, suspiciously from a user with the same name. Thinking it as a good opportunity to get information on it, the pair entered the place together. Taking the only two screenshots of smile ever seen, which are still floating around Roblox. Despite suffering the same crash and wallpaper change, the two considered it a success and the pair bragged to fellow myth hunters.

[#4][7/17/2012] The day before, the two hunters complained about raging headaches, and that they both couldn't sleep, and joked about how it was "Smile getting to them". That following night, both accounts went silent at exactly 11:59 pm with their last posts being "gnite". Both accounts were removed mysteriously, and after a fellow hunter who had known their names prior did a quick search for news articles matching the old one from the last incident with smile. He unfortunately did, both hunters had killed themselves that night.

Experiments & Containment Incidents Edit

[Ex#1] Subject was put into chamber with Smile for 10 seconds.

[Result] Screams were heard for 7.1 seconds, when doors were re-opened, subject was unconscious but fine. 2 days later, subject turned into a black tarry humanoid with a crooked smile. Subject was thrown back into containment with Smile, and remains there.

[Ex#2] Subject was given the task of making smile frown.

[Result] Subject died immediately, believed to be a "Smile Minion" now, locked in with it.

[Ex#3] A subject was asked to try and put Smile to sleep.

[Result] It backfires. Smile does end up sleeping, but black liquid oozes from his mouth. Subject touched the substance, and started to swell up. Subject exploded, with the same black ooze flying everywhere.

[Ex#4] Subject ordered to try and befriend Smile.

[Result] It backfires. They become friends, but over the next few days, the subject goes crazy. Subject terminated after trying to kill a guard.

[In#1] Smile almost breaches his chamber by disintegrating the doors. 4 Guards ordered to distract Smile while the emergency doors were being activated. Facility went on a lock-down for about half an hour.

Containment Procedure Edit

Smile is contained within a 5 ft. thick steel plated and lead-lined wall, behind 2 electromagnetically sealed heavy doors, which are only accessible through a control room, furthermore locked behind a high clearance doorway. There must be at least 4-8 security present before even opening Smiles containment chamber, due to the fact Smile is contained along with his many victims which are now mindless creatures, and can easily swarm security and personnel.

Evidence Edit

  • Several reports from friends of victims, and one victim himself.

Notes Edit

  • The "Smile Effect", as evident by time frames, takes 2 days to occur.
  • If you get a message from Smile, DO NOT reply or listen, report it to RM.
  • Smile is not an active myth, last occurrence being 7/17/2012