After watching another FLAMINGO youtube video on myths, I decided to join the Myth Hunter group. I joined and of course, there were a whole bunch of wannabes. People with usernames like "ERROR6668289" and such. I was looking at some of these wannabe myths, when I stumbled across a few interesting names/profiles. The first I saw was Zalgo_0, who seemed pretty cool. Another was "DrCu1t" which was also pretty cool. Then I stumbled across this person named "smallcult" which I thought was also an interesting username, so I clicked his profile. I was immediately greeted by his shout which read "ala ka zard". I've heard of Alakazard before, apparently he's the leader of a cult. Anyways I looked on smallcults creations page which brought me to his game. It was simply called "My Store." I clicked play obviously, and found myself in a misty forest. I couldn't see in front of me, until I got to this wooden store. I saw this weird NPC with a Pigmask on, and he was facing the wall. I figured if I touched him i'd be jumpscared or something, so I moved on. I was walking through this mist, couldn't see anything until I stumbled upon a Wooden shack. Inside I saw this Roblox Char. who was all Black and had the weirdest face. Its name was Alakazard. I left the game after that, having enough of that. But almost immediately as I left, I got a Friend request from Smallcult. I accepted and now I'm here. We're still friends and I'll try to keep you posted.

- A Random user.