RM File #0020 - "Sergeant Extreme Face" Edit

Supervisor Redrace12

A-Block "Containment Level"




Subject Name Sergeant Extreme Face

RM Classification: A "Safe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0020

Last Recorded Incident: 7/10/2012

Description Edit

At first glance, Sergeant Extreme Face appears to be a face of a soldier that shows a painful expression, having blood appearing on the lower chin area with facial hair showing. It was said to be a cut-content that ROBLOX was planning on releasing, but removed it at the last minute.

Outside Incident Edit

[#1] [7/10/2012] Before the ROBLOX mods released it in the catalogs, they have given it to 10 players for them to try it on, however those players never logged on again and their last recorded date was on 7/20/2012.

[#2] [█/██/2012] A myth hunter stumbled across the Sergeant Extreme Face and has showed it to other myth hunters. At the time, the face was not on sale making it impossible to purchase.

Experiments and Containment Incidents Edit

[Ex#1] Subject is instructed to move close to the Sergeant Extreme Face.

[Result] Nothing happens. Subject expresses discomfort. When questioned about this, subject states: "I don't really know, the face is just... scary."

[Ex#2] Subject is ordered to wear the Sergeant Extreme Face.

[Result] Subject successfully puts on the face. Subject reports no anomalies. Subject is instructed to take off face. Experiment#2 concluded.

[Ex#3] Subject is instructed to put on face and wear it for extended periods of time.

[Result] Subject successfully wears face for a longer periods of time. The first few days, subject seems fine, and his colleges report no changes. However, after 4 days, tests show abnormal brain activity in subject. Face is removed to prevent brain damage to subject. dk!


[In#1] During Nims breaching the containment area, Nims stumbled across the the containment cell of RMF-E-0020. Nims destroyed the cell, leaving it wide-open and giving subjects inside a chance to exit.

[Result] Sergeant Extreme Face remain in it's spot, as it shows no signs of sentience or animation.

[In#2] On [██/██/████], security guards reported Sergeant Extreme Face's cell to be covered in blood. DNA testing inconclusive. Cleanup crew successfully got rid of the blood, however the next day the blood re-appeared. No one entered or left the cell during the night, and security reported no anomalies.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Sergeant Extreme Face is to be placed on a concrete stand in a standard RMF Facility room. The room is to be monitored 24/7 by a camera, and security is to be notified of any anomalies. No one is allowed to wear the Sergeant Extreme Face unless approved by a Scientist or several members of Security.

Evidence Edit

The face itself

Notes Edit

  • Sergeant Extreme Face will cause harm when close.
  • Wearing it for short periods of time will have no effect the subject
  • Wearing the face for extended periods of time (exceeding 4 days) will [CLASSIFIED]


Written and researched by multiple RM members.