Info: Rust_010 usually makes purposely eerie places on ROBLOX with little pieces of a much bigger lore story. He has a Youtube channel ( video of rare teletubbies having sex) where he uploads strange, eerie and uncomfortable videos. The lore can range from secret messages to codes or even coordinates for Google Maps. When he creates places on Roblox, his most common choice of action is to begin contacting a ROBLOX Youtube named "Flamingo" AKA Albert ( Flamingo usually gets most of Rust_010's games back into the spotlight for ROBLOX players, although the story behind the account and places still Unknown. 

List of (some) Rust_010's Google Maps coordinates

44.591764, -75.641862 :) []]]\p],/';[]?{|\+_{P:}:?#*(@!~ :) :) :) { {}{}{}[]/';]=- shut down...

41.11126, -79.49512 new york

44.159901, -76.128635 new york

42.702587, -75.745054 new york

40.5929199, -80.8151666 new york

44.123.293005808, -73 new york

41.94267, -80.46941