RM File #0042 - "RUST_010" Edit


Myth Hunter SunsetOVERSNIPE

Not Contained Yet



Subject Name: RUST_010

RM Classification: D "Uncontainable"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0042

Last Recorded Incident "4/9/2018 6:40 Flamingo posts a youtube video titled 'My Roblox Stalker Brings Me Somewhere Weird...'"

Description Edit

If you watch the YouTube channel Flamingo, you know of RUST_010 and how he/she haunts Albert. We are guessing that RUST_010 is a fan of Albert so they befriended his account by the name of "ihatemyson". Nobody knows if RUST_010 has done things to other players yet. RUST_010 created multiple games in order of dates they were made: "R U S T" made 11/11/2017; "Smile!" made 1/24/2018; "It's out there..." made 2/4/2018; "look behind you..." made 2/21/2018; and finally "happy" made 2/26/2018. Albert has played all of these games which include jump scares, loud noises, and sometimes a white figure that runs at you.

Recently, Flamingo posted a video including RUST_010. The Description states; "Today we play another one of RUST_010's games... we figure out the puzzles due to the help of a very very suspicious man, then Rust takes us to a very mysterious place.". In the video Albert says," basically Rust (RUST_010) has created a uh, not a new game but he has updated the the one that we were playing earlier uh, happy..."

RUST_010's updated version of the game "happy" includes Nims which is another myth the RM society have been studying. The link to Flamingo's newest RUST_010 video is right here:

Roblox users are also trying to figure out who RUST_010 really is. On the Reddit page some theories have sprawled up: "next spo00o0o0oky hacker thing that the Roblox YouTuber does to stir up a scare. nothing about it, the account is almost 100% sure to belong to someone affiliated with him." states the user franzythebadmeme. melon_notsexual thinks that RUST_010 is just Albert playing a joke on his viewers, "I'm not exactly sure if you know anything about this but this has nothing to do with groups or hackers. The whole situation seems very out of his control. I don't think Albert or any of his friends have the building or scripting prowess to make the game(s) and the rust YouTube channel seems to have editing better than what Albert or even his editor can do. If this is fake, Albert went a pretty long way to make this, but if he did, I think it was still worth it as I find it pretty entertaining."

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Containment Procedure Edit

RUST_010 is not contained yet, but it is theorized that if he was contained, he would be in Block-B containment.

Evidence Edit

  • Flamingo (The YouTube channel)

Notes Edit

  • RUST_010 has only been affecting ihatemyson but if you ever get a message from him/her, report it to RM.
  • This account has not been active for a while, but we are still trying to contain it.
  • RUST_010 is called "Albert's Stalker" sometimes.