I went on Roblox 1 day ago and I saw something strange in games. The most popular game wasn't Jailbreak, but RobertsDeath. I refreshed the page several times, but nothing changed. So I decided to play it. The game looked like it was made in 2010, but weird things started happening, it went to night and day quickly and my character was glitching out. I was only made of a word which said: I am here. I decided to leave the game. Huge mistake. My homepage was glitching out. So I decided to not play Roblox. [Next Day] I came back on Roblox again, and I was shocked. All my friends were gone. All the names were changed too: I am here. I am here. The ads said that too. I clicked on games. It didn't work for some hours, but when I almost decided not to play Roblox it worked. It was a shock too. The games said: [Content Deleted]. Decided to leave the game not to think about what happened. [ At Night ] I woke up because my computer was making loud noises. Went downstairs, turned my computer and suddenly my background everything was changed to: I am here. :). My computer was just broken. I got another computer, logged back in my old account, hoping that it would be normal. It was! I decided to play Roblox. Now everything was normal. I was so happy. [Next Day] Went on Roblox again. I saw that a lot of messages was sent to me. I went to see it and the messages all came from one person. RobertsDeath. The messages said:-.. --- -. .----. - / - .-. -.-- / - --- / . ... -.-. .- .--. . .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .. .----. -- / .... . .-. . .-.-.- / .. .----. -- / -.-- --- ..- .----. .-. . / -... ..- -.. -.. -.-- / -. --- .-- .-.-.- / ---... -.--.- . I knew it was morse code so I translated it. It said: Don't try to escape... I'm here. I'm you're buddy now. :) . Then my computer turned OFF . Power went out in my house. I was freaking out. Only to see a man only wearing black, but there was a word in white: I am here. It said that. Coincidence? Impossible. So don't play a game that's more popular then Jailbreak in 1 day.

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