First Sighting

I am sorry but I don't know how these work, only that I found some weird profile on Roblox. The user is called 'Pzykic', it doesn't seem that out of place but I met him on one of the games I play. He never spoke much but when he did, he kept spamming the words 'He Comes'

I'm not sure if it is a Zalgo reference or not. But he also mentioned the words 'He who waits behind the walls.' But that isn't the only weird thing. He came up to me and spoke to me. He said that I had a cat laying on my bed, even though there was no sign of any cameras or an indication of someone being there. And there was a cat on my bed, my pet cat.

So I asked him, thinking that anyone could say that; 'Then what is my cats' name?'

I didn't think he would reply or get it right but the moment I asked, I heard someone's voice behind me say 'Abbie.' That scared the crap out of me because I was the only person in the room, besides the cat.

I don't know how but this user somehow spoke to me, even though I just saw him online and never knew the guy in real life. I'm serious. Think this as a scam or some shit like that all you want, but this person, this thing, it knows where I am. And I believe it is coming for me.


I have been looking a bit more into this profile, so far it only has 2 friends. But when I messaged these friends they said that there was some sort of doll that the user owned which they had called 'Albert,' claiming that this doll was owned by the man this player keeps on mentioning.

If you look at the profiles about, it tells a story of a bad man who stole children. Until one day this man was supposedly trapped behind someone's house's walls. I read it a few times, which was quite weird at first but it started to make a little more sense about who this man was. I believe that this man is something similar to the creepypasta 'Zalgo,' but whenever he says his name, it always ends up with hashtags- meaning Roblox has seemed to stop his name being said.

I checked if this was Zalgo he was trying to say, but Zalgo isn't tagged. So I am guessing this man is someone else.

I'll look a little further into it.


It has been at least 24 Hours since I discovered this, and already I have a theory. This player may be just an everyday human, just like you and me. But is being used as a messenger. I do not have any proof of this but the fact that they have been playing games. Any game they see, just to spread the message.