I take back what I said yesterday. This article is horrendous. -DoubleDenial

Not much can be said about Ph0toM0ment. A few things have been discovered. She is a female. She has a mental illness. She has suffered loss. She is dangerous.

Ph0toM0ment appears to be confused about her life. But when stable is able to piece together her life. Unlike Chuck Lloyd, she is aware of what's happening to her. Ph0toM0ment says that she receives photographs at her doorstep. She also remarks that because of her illness she believes that she is someone in the photo's.

The World War II girl: The World War II girl says that her father was killed by the Nazi's after discovering that her family were jews. She and her mother were imprisoned shortly after and when her mother was tortured to death she made her attempt to escape. She was one of the few who made it out.

The Japanese girl: The Japanese girl was a poor girl from a small village in Japan. She and her mother raised chickens and sold medicinal magic. It was said that the Japanese girl was a poet and would write stories about her life. Ph0toM0ment is not able to recall these stories. Her mother died of a lower back pain which caused a stroke. The back pain was caused by overworking and leaning over in uncomfortable ways to work.

The Farm girl: The Farm girl was said to live on a farm with her parents, grandmothers, and cousins. They made apple pie and other apple treats. The farm was sadly burned down. Newspapers said it to be of a knocked over candle. But Ph0toM0ment recalls it to be her teenage cousin Fred. Who was part of the KKK and after hearing that the family was helping another family of African Americans, he set fire to the farm. Many of the family was injured and then died. Ph0toM0ments grandmother burned to death after blessing Ph0toM0ment. Ph0toM0ment was the only one to survive. It was said that it was only because of her grandmothers prayers.

Ph0toM0ment has other personalities which we cannot get information on right now.