i do not know much about (peyod) But a danish fairytale/myth says that a woman with a beautiful mind on day goes missing/crazy..... or something like that... the woman was named peyod she was a beautiful ,smart, clever and really nice female... before she disappeared she began doing weird stuff. Like standing alone in the rain, putting a mask on, saying weird stuff ,and every time somebody tried to talk to her she responded in puzzles and poems. Then one day she yelled in public to another woman (unknown name) du har et rigtig lufituaeb dinm”. The Danes understood the first part but the last part not (it was backwards English) (and ”mind“was spelled wrong on purpose ) anyways her last night around she was found walking around on the road with a mask, and yelling “my mind Might be a mess, but it sure is beautiful inside”. (On danish of cours) then no one saw her again. the other woman that she yelled at went crazy not so long after... then she killed her self... according to the legend 9th July (her birthday) peyod wil Return and curse people with the words (you have a beautiful mind) or (du har et rigtig lufituaeb dinm) and then you will have the same sickness as peyod. (Or be a part of her gang)But only people with a beautifu/horrible mind will get cursed.

AND NO 9. JULY IS NOT doomsday! it is just the arrival of peyod

my parents told me this story when I was little, so I was always very afraid of July (i was just a kid when I heard this first time, I do not remeber everything)

but why would I bring this story up? The other day i Saw a girl called Peyod posting on a group wall. first I didn’t realise who she was... .. he said “you have beautiful mind”. when I was little that was what my parents told me to fear.... those words...Of course I didn’t believe in some ROBLOX wannabe. But the next day the entire group was deleted and everyone in it........

that’s why I seek help from the myth hunters!!! Can this sh*it be real? Or is it just a hacker dressed as peyod? Plz respond if you seen something

(if you see any spelling mistakes then it’s okay to fix them...if you haven’t guessed it I’m danish ;) and my gramma is not good)