OllyTheChild's Old Avatar


OllyTheChild is a very small myth that nobody really knows about. His avatar is dull, consisting of not much except a t-shirt of the letter 'O', which was made by him, presumably standing for 'Olly', which is in his name. This t-shirt is called '149461771022636 (1)'. Upon further investigation, OllyTheChild has one friend, and a game, like many other myths. His about just says 'im lost', and status says 'tulips'. He joined 5/12/2017, and has 26 place visits, as of 6/26/2018. 


Of course, OllyTheChild has a game. He only has one and is called 'lost'. Upon entering, you won't get much look at what is happening, as you are teleported straight away to another game, also made by him. The game you are teleported to is called 'where'. Joining the game a second time to get another look, the first game is in black and white, and has a playground with an oddly placed bush. The next game, 'where', plays music, which sounds sad (I believe it used to be a song, but Roblox took the song down and replaced it), and a clown, which quite resembles his friend, is standing behind a patch of tulips. This clown has a creepy face and is holding a knife.Looking carefully into the tulips, you can see OllyTheChild, on a patch of blood, resembling him being dead.


Friends Edit

OllyTheChild only has one friend, called BlusterTheClown. BlusterTheClown has no other friends apart from OllyTheChild and doesn't have a game. BlusterTheClown has one badge, which is from Roblox High School, just called 'Welcome to Roblox High School!'. His avatar is a mixture of colours.
 Not much else is to be seen with BlusterTheClown, except from the fact he joined 1/21/2018. Let's just hope more comes from him in the future.