RM File #0038 - "Old Hughes" Edit

CEO Kazdam Paratus

C-Block "Containment Level"

DATE EDITED 03/30/2017

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Subject Name: Old Hughes

RM Classification: RMF-E

Containment Number: #0038

Last Recorded Incident: 01/26/2017

Description Edit

Old Hughes appears to be a elderly humanoid entity who is said to be approximately 70-73 years old. At first glance, he is seen wearing a brown leather jacket, brown pants, and a straw hat which is in a shape of a fedora. Old Hughes was described to be a wanted criminal for the murder of a little girl which occurred in █ █ █ █ █ █ █. He was early-on investigated due to his unexpected visits at the Foundation.

Outside Incidents

[#1] [01/26/2017]  The first report came in when a player named █████████ visited Old Hughes place. His place was described to be in a sand-textured baseplate, with a run-down abandon house, and two unmarked grave underneath a dried out tree. Nothing suspicious was present during the visit.

[#2] [03/24/2017]

The second report came in when Old Hughes made another unexpected visit at Site-████, but this time wanting to invite players to visit him when he moves into his new house. Hunters didn't take him very seriously and decides to ignore him until he left. A player named ██████ decides to take this opportunity and investigate Old Hughes place. His place was described to be in a Wild West theme with a saloon, clock tower, hotel, store, sheriff's department, and a train station. Upon further inspection, the player found a wanted poster which displays as Old Hughes himself and lead to believe that Old Hughes was a criminal. Unexpectedly, Old Hughes intermediately appears in-game and the player left the game as quick as possible.

Experiments and Containment Incidents Edit

[C no one tested on this myth since its still not contained, and no incident happen cause it was uncontained anyways.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

[CLASSIFIED] until further notice Old hughes is not in the myth facility yet.

Evidence Edit

[CLASSIFIED] the evidence uhh…. idk just... nah... idk.... this myth seems really unknown dosent it... nah I aint really care its just "Myths"

Notes Edit

Is said to have once been a wanted criminal but had vanished once people had started to notice him.

Written and researched by Silentchase

Reviewed and revised by Head Administrator Kazdam.

In his game, OldHughes can be found in the unnamed buildings locked room upstairs, laying down.