RM File #0038 - "Old Hughes"Edit

Supervisor Goodlolfunnykiller

B-Block "Containment Level"

DATE EDITED 03/30/2017


Subject Name: Old Hughes

RM Classification: B "Unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0038

Last Recorded Incident: 01/26/2017


Old Hughes appears to be an elderly humanoid entity who is said to be approximately 70-73 years old. At first glance, he is seen wearing a brown leather jacket, brown pants, and a straw hat which is in a shape of a fedora. Old Hughes was described to be a wanted criminal for the murder of a little girl which occurred in █████████. He was early-on investigated due to his unexpected visits at the Foundation. It is suspected that OldHughes is on the game in order to vent his guilt to those who play.

Outside Incidents Edit

[#1] [01/26/2017] 

The first report came in when a player named █████████ visited Old Hughes place. His place was described to be in a sand-textured baseplate, with a run-down abandon house, and two unmarked grave underneath a dried out tree. Nothing suspicious was present during the visit.

[#2] [03/24/2017]

The second report came in when Old Hughes made another unexpected visit at Site-████, but this time wanting to invite players to visit him when he moves into his new house. Hunters didn't take him very seriously and decides to ignore him until he left. A player named ██████ decides to take this opportunity and investigate Old Hughes place. His place was described to be in a Wild West theme with a saloon, clock tower, hotel, store, sheriff's department, and a train station. Upon further inspection, the player found a wanted poster which displays as Old Hughes himself and lead to believe that Old Hughes was a criminal. Unexpectedly, Old Hughes intermediately appears in-game and the player left the game as quick as possible.

[#3] [03/29/2017]

The third report came in when the same player from the second report decided to re-investigate Old Hughes place. The place was described to be in the same wild west theme, but no color were shown on any of the buildings. A graveyard was recently added in near the spawn point displaying 6-7 marked grave and a doll. The doll appears to be the only one in color: black, pastel brown, white, and was holding a bright red rose on it's right hand. The doll was sitting right next to a colorless swings. Upon entering the hotel, two rooms were seen on the upstairs floor, one being unoccupied and one being occupied. The occupied room cannot be entered due to the door being locked from the inside. Upon camera glitching through the walls, Old Hughes was seen laying on bed presumably dead.

Experiments and Containment IncidentsEdit


Subject was let into the interrogation room, only to have a friendly conversation with Old Hughes.

[Result] Both subject and Old Hughes conversation lasted approximately 20 minutes before both being interrupted by Doctor ██████ .


Doctor ██████ was let into the interrogation room with Old Hughes to discuss the wooden doll.


During 15 minutes of the conversation, Doctor ██████ mentions about the wooden doll. Before continuing, Old Hughes violently attacks Doctor ██████ which resulted in security restraining and re-containing OldHughes.


Doctor ██████ was found dead in his office.


Old Hughes breached containment by secretly digging a passage-way under his bed. Old Hughes was re-contained at the Quiet Settlement.


Old Hughes convinced a security guard to let him free, and then escaped containment, he was later re-captured again at the Quiet Settlement.

HQ Containment ProcedureEdit

Old Hughes is to be contained within an isolated room, made out of gray wooden planks, behind a steel-plated locked door. RM Personnel are to not engage a conversation with Old Hughes without the approvals of the higher authorities, OldHughes is highly manipulative. The room itself, however, is easily accessible by any RM Personnel for observing and conducting experiments. At least 1 security guard is to be present while observing Old Hughes, while 1-3 security guards (including RMIA Personnel) are to be present before accessing Old Hughes' room.


  • Quiet Settlement
  • Unexpected visits made by Old Hughes
  • The colored wooden doll seems to appear "following" Old Hughes


  • Old Hughes often engages in friendly conversations with other players
  • Old Hughes age is approximately 70-73 years old
  • Old Hughes does not act hostile towards any player, unless the player begins talking about the colored wooden doll
  • Old Hughes is still an active myth


Written and researched by Goodlolfunnykiller

Reviewed and revised by Head Administrator Kazdam.


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