RM File #0003 - "Nims"

CEO Kazdam Paratus

C-Block "Containment Level"



Subject Name: Nims

RM Classification: D "Uncontainable"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0003

Last Recorded Incident "12/5/2011"


Nims is often depicted as a tall white creature with abnormally sized limbs, on top of that, having no facial features aside from glowing red eyes. Nims often is with a child whom it has connected to, often children with no other friends who he deems "lost". Based on interviews with the second child Nims has been attached to, he is not only with them in-game, but in person, and often tries to comfort them and tend to their needs, while not necessarily understanding what those are. Nims often resorts to extreme violence when protecting these kids. When not attached to a child, Nims is immediately hostile to anyone who makes eye contact with him, why this is so, is still unknown.

Outside Incidents

[#1][1/13/2009] A little girl is seen in the game ████████, and was being picked on by a couple other players using terms like "Kid","Noob", or "Dummy". The little girl replied, "You better stop or my friend will get you". This only caused further bullying to the girl, the players jokingly asked "What friend?" and the girl replied, "Nims is his name". The girl was then driven out of the server, and later that night, the players who had been making fun of her, had disappeared, accounts deleted, no police reports were found online, due to the lack of knowledge on the players' real identities. 

[#2][5/24/2009] The little girl came to myth hunters, and seemed normal enough, aside from being rather shy, she went on about how this friend of hers "Nims" has been protecting her. A very short tempered, but well-respected myth hunter in our community named █████, believed she was a wannabe, and delusional and said: "Wow, you're stupid, go play imaginary somewhere else please". The little girl left the server, later that night, █████ disappeared, however this time, hunters had the info to search for police reports, his name █████ ████████, and what the found, was an article on him being choked to death in his own bed. 

[#3][1/7/2010] Another little girl came to hunters complaining about the friendly monster that comes into her room. Again, this was taken as another wannabe just looking for attention. That is until someone joined the game with the username "Nims" and myth hunters were driven mad with over-excitement, they immediately tried questioning the child, however, she refused to say anything while Nims was in the game, admins tried banning Nims, however, this did not seem to do anything, the girl left shortly after.   

[#4][2/1/2010] The little girl came back, this time thankfully alone, she detailed that Nims also came to, and watched over her, in real life. That he would often come to her window and offer food or snacks, which were assumingly stolen. That he would make "bullies" disappear, and that she would sometimes wake up and see Nims in the corner of her room, looking down upon her. The girl disconnected oddly and has never been heard from since.

[#5][12/5/2011] A player named █████ came to hunters complaining that his friends account disappeared. Hunters asked several questions, and █████ then stated it was after he was bullying a younger player who was delusional with an imaginary friend, and he was ignored by admins, so he had nowhere else to turn. There was nothing more that could be done, however, it was very much believed to be Nims.

Experiments and Containment Incidents

[Ex#1] Scientists move test subject into containment cell, and instruct to get as close as possible without making eye contact.

[Result] Subject practically bumped into Nims, startling both Nims and the subject, subject pounded on doors to escape, died in the cell.

[Ex#2] One test subject, two security personnel instructed to enter the cell and last as long as possible facing a wall in the cell.

[Result] Facing away towards a wall is effective in preventing the upset of Nims.

[Ex#3] Test subjects instructed to make eye contact with Nims, and then sprint down the hall to try and escape.

[Result] Subject died.

[In#1] Nims breached containment and killed 14 personnel before being recontained.

[In#2] Nims yet again breached containment, killing all personnel in his chamber, facility locked down, and Nims recontained.

HQ Containment Procedure

Nims is to be contained in a reinforced steel and concrete cell behind two triple locked heavy doors. Personnel are not to make eye contact with Nims, or Nims will chase said personnel relentlessly until it successfully kills them. The access to Nims' containment chamber is furthermore locked behind a long hall, a flight of stairs, and an additional high clearance locked heavy door. 2-4 security personnel are required to be present before Nims' cell is opened.


  • Several interviews with people who've encountered Nims
  • Shrines to Nims located all around Roblox, usually hidden well.


  • The player named Nims and the Myth Nims are not related.
  • Shrines have been spotted in various places, ranging from average, to myth.
  • Nims seems to have a small cult following, not as wide-scale as that of Noli.
  • Nims is not an active myth, the last occurrence being 12/5/2011.


Written and researched by Kazdam.

Reviewed and revised by Head Administrator Kazdam.