So I was searching around Roblox one day, when I came across this game called My Village. I decided to check it out and I got chills when I started looking around. I decided to check who it was made by and the name was 7RU57T. He had a total of 3 friends and one is kinda like him, his name was 71N63E. I wanted to know what their names meant, so I went searching and they were Trustt and Tingee. I suppose I don't know what the story is, but I talked with them and they seemed like nice people, but as they were showing me around there was an update. There was a guy standing in blood and a cage with sandman and a ghost in it. I found out their stories. My Village- Anyone who goes there will be asked to join 7RU57T's Village. If they say yes they will be treated to a cabin of their description. Apparently if you join, you are living there almost forever. There is also a rumor of an account going missing after visiting the Village and saying no thank you to joining.