RM File #0007 - “N00b0163”Edit

CEO Kazdam Paratus



Subject Name: N00b0163

RM Classification: Class C ("Dangerous")

Containment Number: RMF-0042

Last Recorded Incident: 6/20/2018


N00b0163 is 35 years old. Along with her job as a botanist. She appears to have pink hair. A mask. Black torso and pants. Along with a yellow skin tone.

Reports and Outside IncidentsEdit

[Report#1] [19/6/18] "N00b0163 seems to have an extremely weird past. The game When I Was a little boy... it does not make sense to me in slightest as she is a well girl. I’m gonna ask her friends why it says that soon. Then I joined Tulip Fields. So it’s her, a tulip field. And that’s it pretty much. But if you look closer in the field of tulips you see a dead body. So then I went to Room. Hoping it would be a lot better. But then I saw a little piece of wall in which it was out of place. So I walked towards it but then I walked into an entirely different room. I touched the corners a couple of times it said on top of my screen. “You were kicked from the game: You’re next...” So then I ran off to another game of hers, My Spot. I walked to the end of the trees. And back. But on my way there I saw something. Her except with a white body. A dead body, and words saying. “WHY SMILE WHY” I did not want to see anymore so I walked to the end. And when I got back it said on top of my screen, “Why are you running, I just wanna play knives with you.” I was so terrified I need to play jail break my favorite game. But every time I tried to join it said “Stop running from me.” And then I tried to join all my other favorite games. It kept saying the same thing over and over. Then my account got banned for a day."

[Report#2] [20/6/18] "A friend told me this, I went to friend activity and found a game called Room. I joined Room. I suddenly heard of voice in my head. It said. Go to the wall that’s off. So I did. I ended up walking through the wall. The voice then told me to touch all the corners. So I did. Then I got kicked saying “You will die”. Then I went to another game called My Spot. I went to the end, and back and it said while kicking me. “Your as idiotic as the last one”. Then I decided to go play a game. I kept getting get saying “I just wanted to play knives” then my account got banned for a day 10 minutes later. (It was close to this but I got vandalized! This was a real life friend)"

[Report#3] [DATE DATA LOST] "From my knowledge, it’s this. “I was a kid. But my parents threw me in the streets. I then was surrounded by nature and I learned all I could about it. 2 years later, a super interment let me have free education at his district I nodded my head. I then learned a lot more. Years later I ended up working at a box factory. The day before Christmas I saw a black box. I went to go do my job but my hand slipped on the conveyor and got cut up. Now I’m a botanist. I study, and grow plants. I have a huge album all about these plants when they are fully grown.” This is all I know so far."

HQ Containment ProcedureEdit

Due to 0163's amazing talent at escaping cells, 0163 is to be contained in a high-security cell in Block D. The cell is to be made of 3 cm thick steel-titanium-iridium-osmium metal mix on the inside, 0.5 m solid concrete in the middle, and 5 cm of blast-resistant reinforced concrete-steel structure on the outside. The inside is to be equipped with 1 toilet and sink with filtrated, reinforced and close-able piping, a plain bed with 1 pillow and 1 thin blanket. The bed is to be welded to the room floor. Light is to be provided by a circuit separated from the rest of the facility's power frame, and secondary lighting equipment is to be installed. At least 4 security cameras are to be placed in the cell, 2 of which must be hidden and on a separate circuit. The room itself is to be situated 20 meters in the rock, with a net of motion sensing wires embedded in the rock surrounding it. The hallway leading to the room is to have a heavy blast door at the entrance (which is to be open unless ordered by security member), and 3 other separate heavy doors, aside for the smaller door leaving to the room. These doors are to be on a separate circuit each, and Clearance V or higher is needed to open them. They are to be closed, and only one is to be open at any time. An emergency button used to close all the doors is to be available for any personnel, but is to be pressed only in emergencies. The hallway is to have only 1 vent, which is to be reinforced and filtered. Hatches are to be in this vent, and are to be closed if any breaches or anomalies are present. Furthermore, the hallway is to be monitored via several cameras by a team of no less than 2 camera operators. The venting system present in the hallway and in the cell is to have the ability to dispense Class II sleeping agent, however this is only to be activated in situations of extreme emergency, and the computer handling the sleeping agent dispersion is to be connected to a network and power circuit separate from the facility's system. At least 4 guards are to be present near 0163's cell at all times, and no fewer than 12 highly-trained guards are to be present when 0163 is taken out of her cell for any reason, such as testing. During testing which may provide opportunities for escape, more guards may be requested, and any doors to the chamber are to be closed and locked. 0163's cell is to be cleaned every 2 weeks, and cleaning is to be done with extreme caution. The cell is to be searched and scanned for any damage or weapons, and any findings are to be reported immediately. Guards assigned to guarding 0163's cell or other similar tasks are to be armed with a stun gun and are to be trained in melee combat.

Experiments and IncidentsEdit





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  • [RMC] Roblox Myth Council
  • Roblox Myth Trackers
  • Roblox Myth World
  • The Family That Never Stops SMILING
  • Myth Hunting Unit
  • RazorBarkTooth
  • Noahstrikes
  • FearlessRottenTomato
  • garthblackwood
  • Ender_Gem and others


  • She has many weapons
  • She is amazingly talented at escaping cells
  • She has insane grip
  • She is highly skilled with weapons.
  • This might surprise you, but she’s very social


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