I'm not afraid anymore." -Morgenne

Morgenne is a nurse/doctor and had a collection of "dolls" that were known to follow players and kill them should the player stop looking at them. Morgenne has been said to not care about her patients, and is rumored to have killed several of them Her dolls symbolize the dead patients. Although she says that these are lies created by Kazdam to make her seem more scary.

Overview Edit

Morgenne is a female robloxian wearing a bear mask, nurse hat, Korblox collar, and a grey cloak. Morgenne's skin is also a shade of blue. Morgenne is associated with ice and cold weather, as evident in her bio and her place Frostbite.

In her games, she has a few monsters she has dubbed as "Toys". Touching the toys will give you a jump scare. The names of the toys in Frostbite are; Molly, Sally, Replica, Dolly, Eerika, and Bobby. It has also been leaked that another “doll” will be added soon, called Theiner.

She is also a developer of The Circus in the Sky, and affiliated with G0Z, and other myths related to him. She owns a building in the town before the Circus, and one of her toys, Fuzzy-Wuzzy can be seen behind the curtains of YUCK0’s Arcade.

Game(s) Edit


The Underground

Red Forest

Behavior Edit

Morgenne is known to be silent most of the time, but sometimes can be chatty if she feels comfortable. She is also known to be very kind compared to other myths, along with comforting. Albert (also known as Flamingo) made a few videos about her or with relation to her, and even described her as comforting, and sometimes even seeked her comfort.

She sometimes breaks character when she gets annoyed. For example, in Alberts video about The Circus in the Sky, while everyone was lined up saying goodbye, Z00ZY_Q was “ruining how cool the line was” by standing in front of Morgenne.


Trivia Edit

  • Morgenne owns the group titled "The Collection".
  • Morgenne has quit being a myth after the Kazdam drama