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Morgenne is a Roblox myth that is well known throughout the myth community. It is said that their character died of frostbite. They appear in G0Z's place as a "dead myth" and their grave is covered in pink flowers. At one point, they reportedly came back to life as a zombie. The creator of the Morgenne myth is reportedly a male.

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Morgenne initially had a normal blocky body, wore a purple top with blue pants, and had icy blue skin. They wore a nurse's hat with a the Dust mask, and their hair was the color lavender which is in a bun. They had a spikey ice collar around her neck and wore a white furry cloak with wool socks. They has also had a bear on her shoulder in some sightings.

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Morgenne's avatar (6/14/18)

Morgenne is known to be silent most of the time, but sometimes can be chatty if she feels comfortable. She is also known to be very kind compared to other myths, along with comforting. Albert (also known as Flamingo) made a few videos about her or with relation to her, and even described her as comforting, and sometimes even seeked her comfort.

She sometimes breaks character when she gets annoyed. For example, in Alberts video about G0Z's "The Circus in the Sky," while everyone was lined up saying goodbye, Z00ZY_Q was “ruining how cool the line was” by standing in front of Morgenne. It's hard to spot, but she does say it. You can also see this when Albert goes to the Morgenne's room in “The Circus in the Sky" where all the her fan art is up on the walls. When Albert comes close enough, you can spot her in her other form where her face turns into SCP-087-B. You will see if you watch the video.


One of Morgenne's newer avatars

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She only has 4 games open, Frostbite and Underground. As you can see in both of the games, there are monsters and stuffed bears. There is info that the bears aren't robots, they come to life at night.

  • Frostbite takes place in the forest. You can spawn in a few areas in Frostbite, and you can explore and climb on things. In Underground, you spawn in one map, and the place is a slight closed in area.

Theories Edit

  • She might have twisted the stuffed animals into monsters.
  • She can speak to the monsters.
  • She kills her patients whilst alone.

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  • Morgenne has a connection to G0Z, jackcassdy2006, goldity, etc.

Kazdam ControversyEdit

After a breakup between Morgenne and Louyen, it was discovered that Morgenne was "possibly" male. Kazdam decided to spread false pedophilia rumors and blow the situation out of proportion, thus causing a lot of backlash and even starting a rebellion against him in the form of "#Stopkazdam". (If you need more information, contact XiiOhItsTemiiX#1000 on discord).

This has been proven true by Louyen herself.

For more information about what Kazdam has done, watch this video

Because of Kazdam, Morgenne originally decided to quit being a myth. However, he seems to have come back to the myth community.

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