RM File #sive hatsort. When questioned about this, subject states: "The Dominus... well... its not exactly beatiful, is it? It kinda creeps me out..."Edit

[Ex#2] Subject is instructed to stay near the Dominus for a day. This test aimed to determine and effects the Dominus might have to subjects near it

[Result] No anomalies are reported. Subject states that he/she will probably have nightmares from staring at it all day, but otherwise subject looks and feels fine.

[Ex#3] Subject is instructed to put on Dominus. Subject reculantly puts on Dominus after arguing with the Testing Director

[Result] Right away, subject starts feeling "sick". Subject falls to the floor, and starts groaning and complaining about paianing and starts shaking. A team of backup security personnel is called to wait out inove Dominus when subject's health reaches 75%


[Note] All tests involving the removal of the Dominus from the subject before subject expires are not to be performed until further notice.

[In#1] [CLASSIFIED]. 3 casaulities. A heavy door is to added to the Dominus's chamber.

HQ Containment ProcedureEdit

The Missing DomThe other 2 got banned from ROBLOX. The item got deleted shortly after the incidents. There is an item known as "DIY Deadly Dark Dominus" which is no longer on sale.

[Waiting for approval to use in RM Files]