RM File #0005 - "Missing Dominus"Edit


A-Block "Containment Level"


Subject Name: Missing Dominus

RM Classification: B "Unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0005

Last recorded incident:


The Missing Dominus is mistakenly named "Dark Dominus" in the Myth Database. It is a Dominus, a series of expensive hats on ROBLOX, that is colored black and red with light red quils and emits dark red dust. Once worn, the player's healths starts depleting slowly. Half way in the health-depleting process, the player starts moving slowly and then stops moving and then die shortly after.

Some say that back in 2011, this item was released under the name "Deadly Dark Dominus". According to the stories people told, three people bought this item, Merely being the first one to buy it. The other 2 got banned from ROBLOX. The item got deleted shortly after the incidents. There is an item known as "DIY Deadly Dark Dominus" which is no longer on sale.