RM File #0005 - "Missing Dominus"Edit


A-Block "Containment Level"


Subject Name: Missing Dominus

RM Classification: B "Unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0005

Last recorded incident:


The Missing Dominus is mistakenly named "Dark Dominus" in the Myth Database. It is a Dominus, a series of expensive hats on ROBLOX, that is colored black and red with light red quils and emits dark red dust. It appears to be made of a stone-like material, with cracks on its surface. The inside of the Dominus is pitch black, effectively hiding the face of the wearer.

Experiments and IncidentsEdit

[Ex#1] Subject is instructed to approach the Dominus

[Result] Subject does so successfuly, however shows signs of discomfort. When questioned about this, subject states: "The Dominus... well... it's not exactly beautiful, is it? It kinda creeps me out..."

[Ex#2] Subject is instructed to stay near the Dominus for a day. This test aimed to determine and effects the Dominus might have to subjects near it

[Result] No anomalies are reported. Subject states that he/she will probably have nightmares from staring at it all day, but otherwise subject looks and feels fine.

[Ex#3] Subject is instructed to put on Dominus. Subject reculantly puts on Dominus after arguing with the Testing Director

[Result] Right away, subject starts feeling "sick". Subject falls to the floor, and starts groaning and complaining about pain. Subject's health starts depleting slowly. Guards react to remove Dominus, however the Testing Director stops the guards and tells them to remove Dominus only when subject's health reaches 10%. When subject's health is at 50%, subject stops groaning and starts shaking. A team of backup security personnel is called to wait out in the hall in case a containment breach is immitent. Subject stops all movement, and guards move to remove Dominus. However, they are unable to and subject dies.

[Note] "Hmm... let's try that again, but this time by removing the Dominus earlier." - Testing Director █████

[Ex#4] Subject is to wear Dominus. Guards are to remove Dominus when subject's health reaches 75%

[Result] Guards fail among saving the subject. Subject dies from red flames slowing down, eating at his head.

[Note] All tests involving the removal of the Dominus from the subject before subject expires are not to be performed until further notice.

[In#1] [CLASSIFIED]. 3 casualties. A heavy door is to added to the Dominus's chamber.

HQ Containment ProcedureEdit

The Missing Dominus is to be contained in a standard facility room, behind a heavy door. The Dominus itself is to be contained in glass box placed on a concrete pillar. The box is to be made of thick glass reinforced with steel. The glass is to be able to be faded on and off via a button.


Some say that back in 2011, this item was released under the name "Deadly Dark Dominus". According to the stories people told, three people bought this item, Merely being the first one to buy it. The other 2 got banned from ROBLOX. The item got deleted shortly after the incidents. There is an item known as "DIY Deadly Dark Dominus" which is no longer on sale.

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