Subject Name: LxdyHxvoc


When the character originally was found to be a "wanna-be" myth. She was with a fellow clown by the name of "466c756f78" whom was running a circus at the time, along with other users such as "ZZoods" and "Danttyl". They had created a little family for the circus.

LxdyHxvoc would be wearing a Socialite, Black and Red Hair, Beautiful Red Hair, Snake Eyes and the Phantom of the Opera Mask. The Outfit would include a Plain Red Tee and Vertical Black/White Striped Pants.

The user no longer associates with her "myth story". She works at the RM Foundation as a Probationary Agent, a Diplomat and Leader of the Practitioners in the Medical Department.

Story LineEdit

Her original place was a free modeled house with a "horror theme" to it. The two girls "Thalia" (LxdyHxvoc) and "Rose" (httpcow) had killed their parents, and the remains of their parents were in the house. The mother "Blair" was found in the bathroom, lying in the bathtub surrounded by a pool of blood. The father "Damon" was found in the bedroom on the first floor, lying on the bed. A knife was on the floor beside the body.

There were several notes scattered around the place, along with a Teleport that lead to a place called the "Void". The "Void" was edited numerous times, along with a gravestone being added for another roblox user. The Void was all created by LxdyHxvoc except for the free modeled house.

LxdyHxvoc said there was a psychological perspective for the story but decided to take it down and replace it with something called "The Palace of Persephone". Her place had about 700 visits in 4 months.

If you ask her about the place and what was the story behind it all, I'm sure that she would tell you.


All information was found by NullCrow