I know Lezus is something big for one of my first topics but I assure you I'm on to something. I've been looking on Lezus' map and I found some things that may interest you. Criticise my work all you please as long as it isn't as harmful and involves cussing.  So you all know the origins? Lezus and Mallorina were bullied and reported ( involving them being banned ) daily and apparently one time they said, quote on quote, " Tick tock tick tock, revenge has come." After this all the other players were confused and those players were never found, catching ROBLOX's attention. ROBLOX terminated them, Lezus made a new account and Mallorina didn't come back.  Now this could sound strange but stay with me, on this video ( ) by Enszo you could see that Lezus was friends with people who wore the same outfit as him and had different types of masks, what if there was seven of them? His game use to be called Lezus and The Seven Unmasked Saints - shown in the video link - so I think these people who were his friends looked like each-other because they were an occult. In the video we saw about two people who looked like Lezus and had masks, there could be five others including the two shown in the video. The on