We all know the common John Doe and Jane Doe. But do we really know much about them? People call them "Test Accounts" But Roblox themselves told us that they were not creating as "tests" They were real people. Lately in 2016 or 2017 John Doe and Jane Doe had changed their looks. They look like the female and male looks. But nobody knows why they came on the same time and left the same time.

Jane Doe:

As you can see Jane Doe was made directly after John Doe. The 3rd account made.

John Doe:

John Doe was the 2nd account made.

Clearly, they both got rid of all of their friends before leaving us stumped to why. They had TheC0mmunity as a friend too. Which we might get to. John Doe and Jane Doe but disappeared at the same minute, day, year, second, and hour. Which leaves us to two questions. Why did they disappear? And why can we not find the answer to why they changed? Well, these accounts are said to be "The 2 Ghosts of Roblox" people have not found answers why. But I have a theory.

To why these two players disappeared may be a mystery for now, but John doe and Jane Doe may have been two DEMON accounts. Just like a few accounts, they are possesed, and too many people were finding out so they gave up, but the demon changes every so often to not be noticed. This fills my entry, next up Jerry.