John Doe

John/Jane doe's old character model.

RM File #0004 - "NAME" Edit Edit

(Rank C) (John Doe and Jane Doe)

-Block "Containment Level"



Subject Name: John Doe/Jane Doe

RM Classification: C "Dangerous"

Containment Number:

Last Recorded Incident:

Description Edit

John Doe and Jane Doe are test accounts made by Roblox, going online, going into people's games and leaving at the exact same time. John and Jane were being rumored to be hackers and that they would hack all accounts on March 18. The rumor started because of them being popularized by "thec0mmunity" who managed to become friends with John by exploiting the system and were spreading lies about them.

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HQ Containment Procedure Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Despite getting popularized by thec0mmunity John and Jane Doe were actually myths before that.
  • Thec0mmunity actually made Roblox create a blog post about them debunking all the rumors and explaining that they were just test accounts.



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