Jewk appears to be a grey figure wearing a hat and scarf. He lives in Davendrag, a black and white town that burned down several years ago.


Jewk is insane and traumatized by the fire and his family life. A teleporter in his game, reveals a story. The story reveals Jewk's real name "Carol", and also reveals his family life.

Carol (Jewk's actual name) was born a "healthy boy." Carol also had very happy parents. Carol was given pyjamas with cute bunnies and clowns on the day of his birth. He was bullied for his girly name. He slowly got depressed. He relied on his parents to cheer him up. So Carol went to his father after school. His dad was having a horrible day. His dad got and called in his wife. His wife,however, was happy. His dad got extremely angry and started throwing objects around the house. He ended up killing a dog, and injuring him and his mother. He taught his classmates a "lesson." This most likely means that he killed them for bullying him. Carol is then believed to be caught in the Davendrag fire, he escaped at the last minute.

His behavior is unknown due to him being inactive for years.


  • Jewk has a friend called Darvaan who lives in a downtown area of Davendrag