RM File #0016 - Jewk Edit

Director Goodlolfunnykiller

B-Block "Containment Level"

DATE EDITED 04/22/2017


Subject Name: Jewk

RM Classification: B "Quite unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0016

Last Recorded Incident: ██/██/2014

Description Edit

At first glance, Jewk wears a blue scarf and a hat, his grey skin does not cover any side affects. "Davendrag" is appeared to be abandoned buildings and houses.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Jewk is to be kept in a 5x4x5x4 box including a toilet, bed, and sink, none of the items in the containment appear to have color but grey, nothing else included. No more then 1 or 2 guards must go outside of the containment area, Jewk is not able to go out of containment unless interviewed or going to interrogation.