Jewk's current avatar design

RM File #0016 - Jewk Edit





Subject Name: Jewk

RM Classification:  "

Containment Number: RMF-E-0019

Last Recorded Incident: 

Description Edit

At first glance, Jewk is a normal 2012 player, he has a fully grey avatar with a blue scarf and The Panama Hat.

Jewk's game Davendrag is very plain, but is rumored to be a burned down town, hence the buildings being grey from the ash. Hidden around the town is some ultra-sounds (pictures of infants while in the mothers womb), and it is rumored that the represent the children who weren't born due to fire. Around the town there humanoids who are also grey. All of them have burnt faces and have large bruises from said fire. Not much is known about Davendrag due to Jewk being inactive.

On the playground, there is a picture of Flamingo/Albert's video. In said video, he trolled people with Admin commands by using one of the decals used to create the townspeople's faces.

There is a trash can behind the grocery store, and you will get teleported by going behind it. After teleportation, you will be in a clear rectangle with a sign saying 'Welcome to Davendrag.'

Jewk was a victim of the fire in his hometown Davendrag, and got out at the last second, traumatized. He was sent to an asylum but he attempted to commit suicide there. Today he lives on, in his old burnt-down house in Downtown Davendrag. He has lost his mind since then.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Jewk is held in a completely grey room with large, one-way windows. His cell consists of all the necessary needs for a comfortable living space. Jewk will not try to attack you, but will harm you on contact. You can visit him in Block A.

He would probably like the company.