"Lonely... Oh so Lonely"                                                                                                                   
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His profile.

His BackstoryEdit

(My name is Axeus L. Kayne.)

One day, I woke up.

I was in a lab, and I was tied down.
These weird made started injecting me with this shiny blue liquids, and I tried to scream but then i started glowing.
I thought about hurting them and then somehow one of them flew across the room and gasped with an immense pain. I broke the restraints somehow, I have no idea how. 
I kept on running, and running. I never stopped, I escaped the lab a few hours later since it was like a maze. I was 8 when this happened.

I live in an old home in California protecting myself from the disease that spread soon after I escaped from the lab. I think I may have broke something and released it, they called it "Carathro" It turned your brain to mush and your organs to dust, but I was immune to it, and I dont know why. My town went corrupt and everyone died a few months after the disease spread.
I barricaded myself in my home, and scavengers (People immune to carathro tried to take the house from me). My dad had an office, I usually sit in there most of my time. I keep spare knives in there just in case someone breaks in. The coffee shop was stolen and randown after, but I cleaned it and kept the doors locked. Its mine now. I had a funeral for my mom in the church since she was immune too but died a few years later after being shot.
I now use my powers and I save everyone I can. 

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About him Edit

  • He is not a very social person.
  • He only really talks friends

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