So, a while ago I was looking for a game to do a photo shoot with my friends in. I found this game called "Birthday Party," and thought it sounded nice. I joined, and so did my friends. The game was nothing like a birthday party. It was scary, and there was a character named "GooldieLooks" on the game already. Gooldie was at the front of the house, not moving at all. My friends and I got creeped out when he suddenly said "You're invited to my birthday party! Please come in!" Me and my friends entered the house, but it was completely empty. He then said, "Looks like the party isn't ready yet. It's rude not to bring a gift." And we were teleported out of the house, and we just decided to look for a present. There was a tree in the back corner of the map with a strange note on it, we looked around the tree, and we were suddenly teleported to a hospital room, we kept searching and were teleported to a graveyard. At this point, a few of my friends had been creeped out and they left, but I kept going. I was teleported to a hallway, which looked like it was in the house. I left the hallway, but couldn't go any further then the middle of a small room. Gooldie walked through a door with a code on it and said "You're not worthy." He walked out of the room and I was kicked from the game.

I still don't know what might've happened if he said I was worthy, or if I found an actual birthday present for him. Maybe someone could find other Easter eggs? The game was quite plain and badly put together, but I could tell there were a lot of scripts in the game.

UPDATE: I went back to the game today at 2:00, Gooldie wasn't there. I'll try again tomorrow.

I couldn't find the birthday party game, it seems Gooldie has made a new one. I got on it at 4pm. There was no one.

Gooldie remade the game again. I got on at 5pm. There he was. I think he gets on only at 5pm.