the user Themostultrakitten was like every normal person but he liked to explore around in roblox myths but when he joined a game called circus in the sky 7/6/18 he regrets following a user named smoked_010 he said follow me and i followed him which took me to the father sun area he wasn't there instead a user named GNIHCTAWMA_I or i am watching asked me what his name was and he was gonna say "roblox would censor it" but then he said "my username is backwards" he spelled out the words he regrets doing he said i am watchingthen he started to follow me he told him about something and not to anger it and said bye. he wanted to know more so he messaged him and he wanted Themostultrakitten to join i will quickly post up all the messages.

  • i am watching JOIN ME
  • mostultrakitten ok
  • i am watching NoW
  • mostultrakitten i knew it
  • 10:06 AM

mostultrakitten who sent you

  • mostultrakitten but i will
  • mostultrakitten game was full
  • i am watching J O inN
  • i am watching NNW Owo OW
  • i am watching sfyh,l;juhgfcfvb]]
  • i am watching ][pryjhnkl[['p;lkjmnh
  • i am watching 3rr0r
  • i am watching try again
  • mostultrakitten the game is full
  • i am watching TRY AGAIN
  • i am watching :)
  • ok
  • 10:17 AM

mostultrakitten what happend

  • mostultrakitten did it get you
  • i am watching UOY DNIHEB SI TI
  • i am watching ENO ERA SHTYM LLA
  • i am watching SU FO ENO ERA UOY DNA
  • i am watching uoy lliw os dna gninioj terger I
  • i am watching ): su fo eno era uoy tub
  • mostultrakitten all myths are one and you are one of us
  • mostultrakitten begone evil spirits haunting me for days
  • 10:22 AM

mostultrakitten i cannot live with constant fear

  • mostultrakitten i regret joining so will you but you are one of us
  • mostultrakitten wait WHAT
  • mostultrakitten what do you mean by joining
  • mostultrakitten sorry
  • mostultrakitten what do you mean i am one of us?

the game that he joined was called the sunken place he said he was watching him but he was nowhere to be found and then when he found him themostultrakitten followed him to the barrier and asked if he can see it he looked and saw nothing but not to make him made he said yes and then something came up and killed i am watching and then it killed him that is when it started at 10:17 am.