There was an account called "qa" which was a woman account owned by a 6 year old girl named Ectersa Stone. qa was one of the first ten roblox accounts. But, her account got terminated for no reason what so ever. So, she made another account named "abc." In 2010, she met a person on roblox named "greg." She talked to him and they soon became friends. But, her account got terminated for no reason again. And then, she heard about the April Fools Hacking. So, in 2012 New Years Eve, she made an account named "2013Account." So, she friended greg again.

But, almost thousands of people reported her saying she worked in the April Fools Hacking because of how she looked. ROBLOX didn't terminate her account. But, a real hacker hacked her account and then changed her password. ROBLOX immediately found out about this and recovered her old password. Ectersa was having fun with greg.

Sadly however, in 2017, greg got terminated from roblox and they never saw each other again. She thought nothing could get any worse. But then in June of that year, it got hacked again. But ROBLOX never noticed her report. So, on August 5, 2017, she made an account named "57481." She typed it randomly. The more bad luck she had, the angrier she got. In August 15, 2017, her anger finally broke loose.

It all started at 12:30p.m. when she found this user named "gregtherobloxian" which she thought was greg. So, she friended him and they became friends. He then said, "Do you want free robux?" And then she said confident her friend wouldn't scam her. And then he said, "Give me your password and ill put the robux in the account." And unfortunately, she did. In a game. Without the whisper on. But, gregtherobloxian was the first to login. And then she talked to him in-chat on the home screen. I am about to show you what it was like. But, I am warning you. The following is not for kids to hear. You have been warned.

[57481]: Is it ready?

[gregtherobloxian]: Yes.

[57481]: I don't see it. Where is it?


[57481]: What? NOOOO! GREG WHY!?

[gregtherobloxian]: I'M NOT THE REAL GREG! I'M A FAKE ONE STUPID!

[57481]: I...

[gregtherobloxian]: What? Trying to threaten me you stupid jerk? HAHA!

[57481]: Tell roblox, that they have +1 more death in their community.

[gregtherobloxian]: What are you trying to say?

[57481]: Goodbye, greg.

[gregtherobloxian]: NO ITS ME GREG ITS JUST A PRANK STOP

[gregtherobloxian]: Hello?

[gregtherobloxian]: What have I done...

18 year old Ectersa Stone took her own life on August 15, 2017 at 1:00p.m. while playing roblox.

However, one day later, her mother noticed that her computer was still on. So, her mother went to go turn it off. But, all of a sudden, her computer had every exploit ever made. Snyapse, JJSploit, and even RC7. So her mother was about to delete it, and that's when her mother freaked out. The folders were Xing out everytime she went on it. And then computer suddenly went on the roblox login page. Then, her mother saw the mouse moving by itself to the name. Down below is the timing of what will happen every month till June 16, 2018.

August 16, 2017: The mouse moved to the name spot.

September 16, 2017: The mouse clicked.

October 16, 2017: The computer typed E.

November 16, 2017: The computer typed C.

December 16, 2017: The computer typed T.

January 16, 2018: The computer typed E.

February 16, 2018: The computer typed R.

March 16, 2018: The computer typed S.

April 16, 2018: The computer typed A then the whole password, password confirmation, gender, and the agree to terms of service happened at the speed of light.

May 16, 2018: The mouse scrolled to Sign Up.

June 16, 2018: The mouse clicked.

Now, you may be wondering... what does that spell?