I was browsing through roblox and found a game called "his revenge" it was from a guy named eRr_oRrr. I look at his profile and saw how wierd his posts were. He would once in about ten minutes at a certain time in the day post something creepy. Like "Its coming" And "Don't let 'it' get you." And thats when I try to dig deeper.

His Game

I look at his game and there is already wierd sound that you get from coomputor errors. And a voice that says "do you want to be my friend?". I see a dead body with a sign that says my revenge on it but in chinese. I try to go outside but a hanging dead body and a kid named victim hanging dead was blocking the way out the also wierd thing is I was in a house...

My theory

When putting the posts together I got -

Help me. I am trapped, he is dead,  there is no hope,  he comes back, taking and eating, and now run. Its coming. Dont let it get you. The darkness rises.

from what I know from the game and posts, him and his friend, which he referese to in the game desc, his friend might gotten killed, and came for revenge at  eRr_oRrr making him corrupted, and so he is trapped forever.

And thats I know, I will investigate more soon. I also know he has a brother who seems as a normal user, but the normal user says that his brother is his regret in the past...


(MythCamera's Investigation)

The User's Avatar Is Like A Normal "Wannabe" Avatar, All Black And Some Red. And The Place

"His Revenge" Was Full Of Free Models That Would Be Find In The Tool Box. I Thought That Was Kinda Lazy And Boring. And The Laugh Was More Of A Laugh You Will Find In SlendyTubbies And There Is Also A Npc Outside The House Wearing A Mask (That Is Also A Free Model) The Npc Is Also All Black.

I Don't Really See This User As A Myth