It was a while back. I was trying to make a myth out of boredom, in which the myth went like this: Basically, there is an old man who worships a god known as The Crow and finds and kills people and uses there account to show they are dead. Well, I took some of my old accounts and friended the account YourMagesty513 (the myth a made up) and altered them making it seem like YourMagesty513 got to them. Well, after a while of trying to keep the myth going I couldn't bring myself to continue. First of all, I was raised a religious man and couldn't find myself to keep going on with this myth that worshipped a different god then I. Then while trying to get one of my friends interested I said he friended me and it went down hill from there. Basically, I came clean and learned my lesson. Well, a couple of days later I got a message from some Roblox player with the username, "Cultic513." He sent me a message that said, "Teach me the ways of The Crow." I told him that I was faking it and then he replied back, "You have denied The Crow's voice and will be punished in the afterlife. The Crow, he speaks to me! I can hear him, he brang me to Roblox and told me about your account." I was getting a bit weirded out by this mans obviously schizophrenic personality and decided to block him. I don't know what he has done in his life or on Roblox, yet I assure you he is probably trying to start a cult as I type this out. His account: