RM File #0013 - CAROLlNE & CLlNTENEdit





Subject Name: CAROLlNE/CLlNTEN 

RM Classification:  

Containment Number: RMF-E-0013


Caroline & Clinten are two players. They also are rumored to be the only people to know who/what Noli is. The places they own were created when they were contacted to express how they feel outside. These places have links to various other myths. They are connected to a lot of known myths such as Lezus, Noli, and even Zeltrek.

Both players have grey arms and heads, and blue legs, along with the 1.0 package. Carollne has a yellow torso with a green bowtie and the default pink hair. Cllnten has a green torso with a pink bowtie and the stylish purple hair. Both players wear the paper plate bunny mask.

HQ Restrictive procedureEdit

Caroline & Cllnten are in a dark room with a gray A-block rug. They will not attack you, but they deal damage in


  • Both CAROLlNE and CLlNTEN use the lowercase "L" in their usernames instead of an uppercase "I".
  • In Carollne's profile, there is a model called "not mine". This is a more sinister version of the paper plate bunny mask.
  • There is spanish text in Carollne's game that points to strong evidence of her being trapped.

Various LinksEdit

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[Click to go to Cllnten's place "Sunflower Garden"]