RM File #0013 - "Caroline & Clinten"  Edit

Director Goodlolfunnykiller

C-Block "Containment Level"



Subject Name: Caroline & Clinten

RM Classification: B "Unsafe"

Containment Number: RMF-E-0013

Last Recorded Incident:

Description Edit

At first glance, Caroline appears to be a average sized female humanoid entity with a yellow shirt, blue pants, and wearing a pink paper-cut bunny mask.

Clinten, similar to Caroline, appears to be a average sized male humanoid entity with a blue shirt, blue pants, and wearing a pink paper-cut bunny mask.

These two are believed to be brother and sister and are widely known in the ROBLOX community back then. Both siblings are widely known in the myth community due to having special connections with other myths. Caroline having a connection to Zeltrek and Clinten being related to SmithCult. Both siblings have a mutually connection with Noli himself and is said to be part of the Noli Conspiracy.

Outside Incidents Edit

[#1] [██/██/2012]

The first report came in when Caroline joined the ROBLOX Myth Hunters. Caroline posts an invitation on the group wall stating "Hello everyone! Come play with me and my brother at the playground! We'll be waiting." leaving the link of the place. Most of the myth hunters didn't take Caroline seriously, but others follow her out of curiosity. Approximately 35 minutes after, the myth hunters who visited Caroline's place disappeared without a trace.

Experiments and Containment Incidents Edit

[In#1] [██/██/2016]

Dr ████████ conducted a surgical experiment on Clinten.


Dr ████████ was found dead near a local school playground, only to be wearing a bloody paper bunny mask.

HQ Containment Procedure Edit

Evidence Edit

School Playground


Notes Edit

  • It is unknown if their hostile to other players


Written by Goodlolfunnykiller

Reviewed and revised by Head of Administration Kazdam


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