Caroline And Clinten Are friends of G0z, their his helpers.



They also have games you could play:

Caroline: My School Playground! ( desc: The older you get, the more you wish you could have kept them.

When I joined, You see a structure. With a statue that looks like Caroline. ( you jump on her head, you get teleported to another place, where the statue is gone, and there's a diary. (


desc: no desc

When you join, your in a black box. In the middle of the room is a rusty chair.


At one point, I got seated on the chair. kind of? It told me 'sit down', and 'Please sit down now.'


If you get up, it will tell you 'so you think your clever cause you made it this far? this is just the goddamn beginning' On the wall, there's a sad, white Person. If you touch it, it'll say the same thing.


When i walked around, i got teleported.


After a while of walking around, teleporting back and forth, I teleported to a new place.


When you touch it, It'll show you a diolog.

'Foolish, everyone was foolish. you thought i was gone, didnt you? sometimes you dont have the dignity to admit it..'

That were the games they've got.

CAROLINE is in a group, called 'The Tortured Souls' owned by DrMach. She's under 'Rabbit Masked'

CLINTEN is in a group, the robloxian myth hunters, Under the name 'Popular Myth'

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