I am a talented myth hunter names sootierlamb682 but that day I was filled with dread scared it all started me and my brother where playing roblox my bro found that a myth named error was online myth hunters have been trying to catch him for years I found out I went to the game with my brother I talked to error trying to act normal error was being weird so my brother left I was there with a player that was friends with error and error I said he had to be contained he said no not without his friend I said they have to be put into different cells I said he said say we can stay in the same cell or die were you stand my heart skipped a beat I was freaked out he started chasing me through the café I ran and left the game I played a few games that usally calm me down but it didn't work I was thinking who was controlling this man and why is he so weird I looked at my friend requests there was about 678 I looked error was the most recent person who sent me a request I saw his profile and found he was playing a game so I joined he was playing kohls admin house I said he had to be contained now he used a unknown command that was banned years ago he froze me he said listen soot I must be contained with my friend I said he wasn't real and that he was a robot programmed to make people scared he said no im not he said I was a bloody man about to die he said he knew who I am he revealed that im like a child running I left the game he found me again he said your running like a coward and you are going crazy I said you aren't real and your the crazy man I left and told my friends lil korbin my brother ben and Jordan that I was in panic because this person named error was following me lil responded (note lil and korbin are my best friends I only friend people I know in real life) lil responded whats wrong she said I responded im being hunted by a creepy man named error and I need help then Jordan responded what the hell is going on have you gone crazy I responded this is real I want this to end this has to be fake plz I hope this is a dream I stopped typing I got ready for karate and I was silent there thinking who was this error guy (that night) when my brother and parents and the others went to sleep I grabbed my flashlight and used it I checked the halls to see if something was there I closed and locked my door I shut and locked my window to I pulled out my pocket knife with my flashlight in my hand I took a few breaths and whispered this isn't real this is fake the next morning and in the chat forums (that is the messages you get from roblox and other creators) I looked it said that error was ban for death threats and harrasement and hate speech I sighed in relief I said this is over finnaly I logged off roblox I didn't play roblox for the rest of the week now im back to playing roblox heres the lessin don't be a show off and once something happens don't try to change it thx for reading this my roblox name is sootierlamb (im not gonna reveal any info on me) any ways thx again bye