I With My Friends And I Wanted To Play Baldi Basics With Them (On Roblox)

And I Accidentally Clicked The Players Button Then I Saw A Player Named BaldiBasicEducatiAnd I Went On His Profile I Went In To His Game "School House" And It Was Baldi's School Then I Saw BaldiBasicEducatiAnd He Waved And Said "Welcome To My School House!" And My Three Friends Joined And We Went In To The First Classroom On The Left. The Weird Thing Was That The Classroom Has No Notebook Then BaldiBasicEducatiAnd Said "What Is Five + Two?" Then My Friend Said 21 As A Joke.

Baldi Pulled Out His Huge Ruler And Smacked The Him And He Was Kicked From The Game. And His Account Removed!

I Quickly Exit The Game.

And I Don't Know What Happen After That.