I was playing a simple game of jaIlbreak, this was at the time of the alIen update. I had just robbed the bank and as I walked out there, rIght In front of me stood a clown In a red suIt, I thought he was AFK, as I walked past hIm a bIt shook up (I was shaking because clowns creep me out haha) He turned and followed

me, when I stopped to look at hIm, he would stand stIll, my mInd Instantly turned to the creepy cryIng statues from doctor who, I hopped In a chopper and flew off, when I landed I was unnevered to see he had walked after me, somehow keepIng up wIth the fast chopper, I stood stIll my blood running cold, I asked hIm If anythIng was wrong, he talked In a weIrd way. He talked lIke thIs (H.E.Y) PlacIng a dot Inbetween each letter

I asked hIm If he needed anythIng, he saId that he needed testers on hIs new game, I agreed as I have a thIng for beIng one of the fIrst people to play new games and see new Items early, I added hIm and he sent me an InvIte to a game called "Darkness" The pIcture for the game was a dIsterbIng face wIth a blood fIlled smIle, I wasn't to sure wether to press play. Thoughts of hackers and losIng my account ran through my head, I took a deep breath and pressed play, when I enetered he was stood wIth hIs back towards me, the game was pItch black wIth a loud audIo track In the background, I took out the flashlIght gear that wasn't gIven to me upon joInIng, when I clIcked my mouse to actIvate It a face jumped upon my screen, shocked I walked away from the clown, he followed me, I decIded to complIment hIm on the game, hIs only reply set a cold feelIng down my spIne, he turned to me and saId "T.H.I.S.I.S.N.O.T.A.G.A.M.E.T.H.I.S.I.S.W.H.E.R.E.Y.O.U.W.I.L.L.F.I.N.D.T.H.E.L.I.G.H.T" The reply was a shock to hear, I had no clue what he meant, upon enterIng a buIldIng fIlled wIth lIght I was kIcked, I was happy to be out of there and have It done wIth, for the next few days I would be followed by thIs clown, Instead of notIcIng hIm, I Ignored hIs presence, he never moved when I had my camera on hIm, even when I had my back turned, he was always out of the camera when he would move, he hasn't talked to me, or joIned any of my games for the past two days, I just hope that It stays thIs way and I never have to bump Into hIm agaIn, stay safe people, roblox has theIr own brand of clown and It's not funny.