Our EyesArelocked were rumored to be a child who played Roblox in late 2007 as a kid. When their account got hacked they were filled with rage, at around 14 they made an acount in 2016 called our EyesAreLocked. They started scaring people and hacking games.


It has no identification at the moment.

Its also partly active as they lost their account and they made a new account and continued on an account called OurEyesArentLocked. This was made extremely recently but they havent been active alot. The first ever sighting was recorded in 9/15/16 and it was the problem causing many accounts in his/hers server to loose their age date.


If you find any of theese accounts i really dont suggest messing around too much as i still dont really know what it can do. Its last sighting was this year (2018) in feb.


Newest news is that their account got ip banned and they have had to change their user slightly, I think they are using an I instead of a L? I don't know please find out for me.