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vvintaqe - Is she a myth?

vvintaqe is a profile that reportedly went insane, and makes games a lot but puts them on private a while after. When you join her game, that she created, and she's in it you reportedly go insane. There's a whole Wikipedia on this I made, so check that out.

Is she a myth?
  • She's a myth
  • Shes a wannabe
  • She's an upcoming myth
  • Shes just creepy
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Caelum - Myth Place

Hello my name is lolmarkdude, as you can clearly see by the title its some stuff written in Latin! I am sure it means heaven, but I verified with google, and yes it means latin. So this is a world made by my freind, MarkHasReset. You can find it here! Caelum:

I eventually was "Welcome.."..-d by this sign.

anyways I looked around and found a bridge I was playing on iPhone at the time. I found these like portal things which did nothing. This wasn't even his art style and I though he stole them. So I don't know if this is myth worthy? but then again he hasn't been talking and he had this wierd looking avatar, and he texted me ventus? Which I looked up and it's apparently Wind in Latin. Welp I guess I'll make another when the darn portals work super curious about the portals, don't know why but the portals specifically but maybe it's too specific. It's very very wierd I want to unfocus but it drags me. Sorry gettin off track uhh yeah thanks whatever better get some portal....

this is is the next day and in his group he interacted well he even gave me co-sal- I mean leader. Nothing's happened so far and when I tried to message him about it, he unexpectedly left saying he had dinner. It's 2018 who gets off their roblox for dinner unless it's your phone? Welp got to go, catch you on the Aethe- other side!!!

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Is mythopia a myth yes or no?

yes no...
  • yes
  • no
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Real or not real

  • Real Roblox Myth
  • Fake myth
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Is this a real myth or a wannabe? I usually don't like to say wannabe but I just want to know.

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This user was getting some attention. Is she a wannabe or the real deal?

Myth wannabe or upcoming myth?
  • Myth
  • Wannabe
  • Upcoming Myth
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Possible myth or wannabe?

There is this guy who joined today (september 27th)

named T3ARS0FBl00D

he claims that a happy storm will come and that if your not happy you will have your soul taken by the storm

he has one friend DeadLightly who looks like him

i saw him in rmf today

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Ok so I know the name sounds cheesy, so did I. But I've been seeing a lot of signs in my game, my roblox game, also know as Project Void. Now before I throw a bunch of bananas at you, I have to say he is real but he is not harmful and is rarely around. He, MarkDied, was one of the first users to have a name and a last name with "Died". I have seen one like SashaDied, or SarahDied. But our Main focus is Him, MarkDied. I first encountered him just regularly playing my game, wierd and he went up to me and said hi, and left, but his body was still there in stone. He was holding a stone Tablet with words on it, but when. I touched him I teleported. I didn't know what the place was really but I realized that the art style was like mine almost exactly. Then a roblox player came up and ranted about him, MarkDied. He said how bad he was to the old community and he use to betray guests but before hand I looked up his user and it's was new, but that wasn't the only thing new, he claimed he was me and told my freinds while I was gone on vacation on a didn't cruise, that he was me. All of a sudden I ragged but this one dude joined my game and said "a fires burning, yet no smoke is produced" his name was CruzClan and he said he was related to MarkDied, because he was MarkDied. But enough of the introductory. Him, MarkDied, and Cruzclan was both found in my game doing the only thing I didn't understand, fighting, they were fighting eachother? One side was red with white and the other side blue with black. There were these wierd looking red and white creatures coming out while flying bats were shooting pills. That was enough and I said to stop but then in the crossfire I got hit and "bloxed" my screen turned white to red to shutting off. So far their accounts have been preparing, cruzclan gots a new cool look and MarkDied is sticking to his old costume set. That's all I know for now. Hopefully nothing will happen.
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I have seen a very strange myth

Her name is Mandyelle. She owns a hospital with Lox perkuish. She has a lot of myth friends like Foolzy(Formerly Doozy from Rusty's hamburgers). I don't know what she's doing but it doesn't sound good. She is open for friend requests and questions though. She may be forming something dangerous... Help me research on her. her hospital
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Lovely Heart

This girl has being lying about the deadly dark dominos saying she has it but it doesn’t appear for anybody else only for her witch is an obvious lie! Here’s her account photos and her user.
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Hello I’m lexi and I think I should be a myth ( Stop calling me a wannabe it hurts my feelings! ) I have a backstory, I have games and I have also talked to other myths!
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Name Lexi

I Should be a myth because I have a backstory, I have made creepy games and I have talked with other myths ( Eg: Dr Mach, Shamzoo, Hell On Wheels, and others.
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Should silenceol be a verified myth or upcoming?

Silenceol is very unknown he is trapped in memories much like hollynne he has made 2 games showing about his life and his “final form” if you look under his house In trapped forever game you can see someting forming that’s kinda weird. He tries to stay hidden that’s why not a lot of people follow him and his only friend is hollynne and 1 other myth. he says he knows a lot about shadelight so make sure to contact him so us hunters can learn more about it. Here is his profile
Should he be upcoming? Verified? Or none?
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  • Upcoming
  • None at all
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Weird Myth Definitely needs more research

This weird cult thing keeps following me around and last time they took me to their places it is super creepy somebody help please.


Main Profile:

Who thinks this should be investigated?
ROBLOX My experience in the Mind Family (Video 2) (Main Video)
ROBLOX My experience in the Mind Family (Video 2) (Main Video) YouTube
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ANOTHER myth! Serious case!

I am better known as THATcream. There is this person named Ominousnine, I was checking out random roblox places when I got onto his, there was blood and dead bodys everywhere, then about 25 seconds after I joined, it came to the game. I asked " What this place?" It responded " My dreams. " I asked something along the lines of " Why do you think about these places? " he responded " ..Well.. I think its a beautiful sight... seeing someone being massacred.I love the smell of blood, It's lovely :) " (Some of his text was tagged so I guessed most of it. Some of this information because I didn't write this down) I responded " You are a sick man.." then my game crashed. Roblox shutdown and when I tried reloading it would say Sorry there has been an error. I had to restart my Desktop 2 times to get it back up and running. Please contain this Myth! (some info He was made today. I think his old account ominous(something) was P banned, I did some investigation and I hope we can get this figured out)
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